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Architecture 21
19 - 23
July, 2020
Last stage of Gustavo Capanema Palace restoration starts in Rio
One of the headquarters of the World Congress of Architects UIA2020Rio and important monument of Brazilian modernism, the Gustavo Capanema Palace goes through another phase of interventions - the last one.
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Rio de Janeiro is the first World Capital of Architecture designated by UNESCO
The title was awarded by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at a ceremony held at the institution's headquarters in Paris and is the result of the World Congress of Architects UIA2020Rio.
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Cultural institutions discuss complementary events to the World Congress of Architects
2020 will be a great year for Rio's architecture and culture. The city will see a large part of its cultural institutions dedicating spaces for exhibitions and activities about architecture, urbanism, landscaping and the history of city construction.
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